Continuing Professional Development

Your professional designation confirms that you remain current in your field and that you are managing your own Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Professional Bodies monitor currency through CPD reporting. You must demonstrate your currency to the ASDSA by gaining at least 30 CPD points every year, as well as by paying your Membership and Designation renewal fees.

We recommend that you build up your record of your CPD activities on your CPD Report. You must submit a copy of this CPD Report each year together with your membership/designation renewal

You must also keep evidence of each of these activities. The ASDSA will audit 10% of all CPD Reports each year and so may call on you to substantiate your CPD Report with this supporting evidence.

Watch CPD Presentation

CPD Guideline

The CPD guideline video will assist you in completing your CPD Report. In addition to that,  you can also join the CPD virtual workshop that we run each quarter. You will find the link to register for one of these workshops below.

Download CPD guideline

CPD Report

Keep a record of your accumulated CPD points throughout the year. Submit this report when renewing your membership / designation.

Download CPD Report