Ensuring skills development practitioners are suitably qualified to perform the job that they are appointed to do is one of the main drivers of the activities of the ASDSA. The way in which this is to be managed is through the introduction of professional designations at different levels.

Once you are a registered member, you may apply for a designation. Membership fees must be paid annually and a designation renewal fee will be added to that fee.

Designation Benefits

“Professional designation” is recognition of your experience and expertise in the field of skills development and awarded by the ASDSA, a SAQA recognised professional body.

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  • Improved performance

  • Ability to access networks of other practitioners

  • Provides a professional status and independent endorsement of the ability to perform as skills development Technician, Practitioner or Master

  • Proves that the designated professional possesses transferable skills that boost the prospects of employment and progression

  • Increased marketability

  • Access to up to date information on trends and changes in the field

  • Demonstrates competence to supplement functional skills, setting the designated professional apart and enhances employability

  • Increases confidence to make the right decisions to deliver success

How do I apply?

Download and complete selected Self Assessment Sheet.
Click the Submission button to complete the application form and submit the completed Self-Assessment sheet.

Businesswoman reading paperwork
  • Skills Development Technician

  • SAQA ID – 493
  • Designation application fee: R865 Once Off
  • Designation renewal fee: R250 each year
  • Annual Fees = Membership + Designation Renewal
  • Self-Assessment Sheet

Please note the ASDSA is not VAT registered.

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  • Skills Development Practitioner

  • SAQA ID – 494
  • Designation application fee: R925 Once Off
  • Designation renewal fee: R375 each year
  • Annual Fees = Membership + Designation Renewal
  • Self-Assessment Sheet

Please note the ASDSA is not VAT registered.

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  • Skills Development Master

  • SAQA ID – 770
  • Designation application fee: R980 Once Off
  • Designation renewal fee: R500 each year
  • Annual Fees = Membership + Designation Renewal
  • Self-Assessment Sheet

Please note the ASDSA is not VAT registered.

Need help to decide which designation is the right fit?

Professional Designation Process

The process for obtaining and maintaining a professional designation certification is outlined below.

Download ASDSA Handbook


Download and complete the appropriate Self Assessment Sheet

Technician Self Assessment Sheet
Practitioner Self Assessment Sheet
Master Self Assessment Sheet


Register and Submit your completed Self Assessment Sheet and a recently certified copy of ID

Submit Designation Application


The evaluation programme is aimed at assessing the workplace competence of a candidate and certifies that the individual is knowledgeable and capable of performing specific occupational tasks. It also certifies that the candidate is QUALIFIED to present themself as a practitioner in a specific field.


Once evaluation is complete and passed, the member will be awarded a designation and provided with a certificate for the designation.


Maintenance requires that you show Continuous Professional Development and gain at least CPD points every 2 years as well as pay your Designation fees.

Once you are awarded a designation your details will be loaded onto our CPD Pilot program. You may then submit your CPD record cards to so that we can capture them against your name on the CPD system.

CPD record card