Do I need to submit evidence?

The first phase of your designation application is just to complete the self-assessment application and forward CV, ID as requested.

We will then check your self-assessment, and we need to verify that you are a current paid-up member of the ASDSA. Then we will send you an invoice to register for the process. (R 250 once-off)

Once you have paid the R250, you will then be sent a Full application – portfolio of evidence template and you will then have to provide evidence against the elements which you will select in the portfolio template.

The evidence that you will send us, may include actual documents etc. but we will also rely heavily on references and similar evidence that we can verify.

Do I need to submit evidence of all 28 areas?

No, you will submit evidence against 15 elements if you are applying for the Technician Designation and you will submit 16 elements of the Practitioner competencies if you are applying the Practitioner designation.

What happens if I can submit evidence of a certain number of the 28 areas but not all of them.

As long as you supply the minimum of 15 or 16 as indicated above, you should be fine. The evidence must be current sufficient etc.

Do you need evidence of all the areas before awarding the designation?


What happens if the evidence submitted for some areas is insufficient?

Once we have received your full application with all evidence docs and links etc., you will need to pay your designation fee (once-off) and then your application will be assessed by an Evaluator appointed by the ASDSA Certification Committee. If your application is successful, it will be forwarded to the Certification Committee for ratification, and if there is not sufficient evidence you will be sent a letter requesting more information and areas of remediation so that you can apply again as soon as possible.

How do you call for the evidence?

You are required to submit the evidence with the portfolio of evidence template that you will receive as part of the full application.

Are there guidelines on how you would like the evidence submitted?

The portfolio template contains all the details and guidelines you need to supply. However, we are just an email or telephone call away and we will do everything in our power to support you to success. It is very much in our interest for our members to be successful.


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